Natural Incense Sticks

Natural Incense Sticks
  • Natural Incense Sticks
  • copal palo santo white sage natural incense sticks
  • Natural Incense Sticks
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All Natural Hand Rolled Incense crafted 100% from barks and resins.  We never use synthetic fragrances, glues, or binders.  

One whole hour of burning time, and amazing fragrance in every stick.

The burning of sacred herbs aids in keeping us grounded, and acts as a tool to help us move out any stagnate energies that have accumulated.  It is a ritual that serves as a bridge, connecting us to ourselves, our spirit and our ancestors. 

We burn incense when we meditate, need an energy boost, or just want our home to smell great  

COPAL-   Copal resin from the Protium Tree is native to Southern Mexico.  Burning Copal is a wonderful way to energetically cleanse a space or person, and a useful tool when calling upon our ancestors. A light woodsy fragrance with hints of citrus.

PALO SANTO- Also know as Holy Wood, Palo Santo is a sacred tree of Central America.  Burning Palo Santo removes bad energies, such as negativity, heaviness, and unhappiness. A bright woodsy fragrance that smells amazing. We use only naturally shed limbs that are collected from the ground, and dried.

WHITE SAGE- Handcrafted from farm grown Native California white sage.  White Sage smoke is a well know cleansing and grounding herb.  Our incense are an alternative to smudging and will have the same cleansing effects.

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