• Behind The Scenes: What Motivates Us


    Hi everyone!  I know we're bad about not showing our faces around here, but I promise there really is a Courtney & Patrick hustling hard behind the scenes making those great smelling Blackjack candles. 

    Most days, we're pretty grungy and covered in wax, and no one wants to see that.  Well maybe some of you do, and maybe one day I'll share those, but today is not the day.  Instead, I'm going to let you see what our time away from work looks like. 

    We love to hike and camp, and that's what keeps us inspired.  It's even where some of our best ideas happen.  Did you know that Wildwood and Walden Woods were both inspired on the trail? Or that, these fragrances are a Spring and Winter version of our favorite hiking trail?  Probably not, since I don't think I've ever told you that.  Sounds like I have my next blog post...  So for now, here is a look at our weekend on the Pinhoti Trail.

    Thanks for following along on our journey,

    Courtney, Patrick & our dog Ryder    


  • Candle Boot Camp: Tip #1

    We're in this business for a reason.  We're candle fans, and we know how much you love your candles!  We also know you want to savor every last drop, but are you taking a safety risk?  We recently learned very few people know that you should never burn your candles with less than 1/2 inch of wax remaining.  Taking this risk is never worth shattered glass or ruined furniture.  Always burn you candles on a heat safe surface, and extinguish immediately if your wick has shifted. 
    We appreciate your support in 2016!
    We look forward to growing with you in 2017.
    Thank You,
    Courtney & Patrick
    Burn Responsibly
  • A Shot Of Bourbon For A Long Winter's Night

    Patrick & I have a passion for good candles, but we also have a love for good Bourbon. Just like a candle, Bourbon provides us with warmth & heavenly aromas. What could be better than pairing the two on a long Winters night!
    Over the past two years we've had the pleasure of touring and tasting our way through Kentucky Bourbon Country.  Our favorite part of a tour was always that first step into the Rickhouse. If you are not familiar with a Rickhouse, it is where a distiller houses his bourbon for aging.  When you walk through the door, the aromas of caramel, oak, & spirits will instantly bring a smile to your face. 
    It was sometime during that first year that an idea was born.  We both knew we had to bring the amazing smell of the Rickhouse into a candle.  We came home and immediately began blending fragrances until we thought we were close.  A year later we headed back to Kentucky, just to make sure we had it just right.  We spent a lot time in the Rickhouses of our favorite distillers, making sure we picked up on those little nuances that make a great bourbon. There was also a little tasting involved and we even took a lesson in food pairings. 
    It's been a long two years of hard work, but we are finally ready to reveal our newest candle  We hope No. 14 Rickhouse brings a bit of our passion for Kentucky Bourbon Country into your home.
  • Madewell Pop-Up Event

     Hello Atlanta friends... Join us for our Madewell Pop-Up event this Saturday {July 25th} at Lenox Square.  11am-2pm.  Here's your chance to sample our candles in person.  We'll have our personal favorites like No. 03 Film Noir & No. 09 Spanish Moss, plus several other great ones. 


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