• Candle Boot Camp: Tip #1

    We're in this business for a reason.  We're candle fans, and we know how much you love your candles!  We also know you want to savor every last drop, but are you taking a safety risk?  We recently learned very few people know that you should never burn your candles with less than 1/2 inch of wax remaining.  Taking this risk is never worth shattered glass or ruined furniture.  Always burn you candles on a heat safe surface, and extinguish immediately if your wick has shifted. 
    We appreciate your support in 2016!
    We look forward to growing with you in 2017.
    Thank You,
    Courtney & Patrick
    Burn Responsibly
  • A Shot Of Bourbon For A Long Winter's Night

    Patrick & I have a passion for good candles, but we also have a love for good Bourbon. Just like a candle, Bourbon provides us with warmth & heavenly aromas. What could be better than pairing the two on a long Winters night!
    Over the past two years we've had the pleasure of touring and tasting our way through Kentucky Bourbon Country.  Our favorite part of a tour was always that first step into the Rickhouse. If you are not familiar with a Rickhouse, it is where a distiller houses his bourbon for aging.  When you walk through the door, the aromas of caramel, oak, & spirits will instantly bring a smile to your face. 
    It was sometime during that first year that an idea was born.  We both knew we had to bring the amazing smell of the Rickhouse into a candle.  We came home and immediately began blending fragrances until we thought we were close.  A year later we headed back to Kentucky, just to make sure we had it just right.  We spent a lot time in the Rickhouses of our favorite distillers, making sure we picked up on those little nuances that make a great bourbon. There was also a little tasting involved and we even took a lesson in food pairings. 
    It's been a long two years of hard work, but we are finally ready to reveal our newest candle  We hope No. 14 Rickhouse brings a bit of our passion for Kentucky Bourbon Country into your home.
  • Madewell Pop-Up Event

     Hello Atlanta friends... Join us for our Madewell Pop-Up event this Saturday {July 25th} at Lenox Square.  11am-2pm.  Here's your chance to sample our candles in person.  We'll have our personal favorites like No. 03 Film Noir & No. 09 Spanish Moss, plus several other great ones.