No. 01 Fortune Teller - Soy Candle

Fortune Teller soy wax candle
  • Fortune Teller soy wax candle
  • Blackjack Wax Co. soy candle
  • $ 24.00

No. 01 Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller offers an enchanting olfactory experience that will transport you into the mystical realm. As you light this candle, the air becomes filled with a captivating aroma, blending the rich notes of smokey vanilla and hints of jasmine, evoking a sense of warmth and intrigue. The scent is further elevated with the nostalgic essence of old pencil shavings, conjuring images of ancient scrolls and prophetic writings, adding an element of mystique to the ambiance.

Ignite this enchanting candle during your meditation sessions, or moments of self-reflection, and watch as it draws you closer to the mysteries that surround you. Embrace the ethereal aroma as it fills your space, evoking feelings of tranquility, serenity, and anticipation.

What sets this candle apart is its ability to deliver all the pleasures of traditional incense without the lingering and sometimes intrusive smokey aftermath. The Fortune Teller Soy Candle allows you to indulge in the aromatic journey without concern for any residual effects, offering a more refined and sophisticated way to enjoy the mystical scents associated with fortune-telling rituals.

  • 9 oz. soy candle 
  • Enjoy a burn time of 40 hours.

Candle Care Tips:

  • Optimal burning occurs when the melted wax extends to the container's edges before blowing out the flame.
  • Each burn cycle should last around 3-4 hours to ensure the best results.
  • Please never leave candles burning unattended.
  • Keep candles away from pets, curtains, drafts, and the reach of children.
  • Maintain the wick at a length of 1/4 inch for proper burning.

It is our wish that these candles bring not only warm light but also good fortune and the genuine hospitality of the South, from our home to yours.

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