Amethyst Palo Santo Bundles

Amethyst Palo Santo Bundles
  • Amethyst Palo Santo Bundles
  • Amethyst Palo Santo Bundles
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Beautiful bundles of palo santo, amethyst  & assorted wildflowers hand wrapped in all natural hemp twine.  By lighting Palo Santo you will be banishing bad energy, while bringing clarity and light to your sacred space. 
Burning Palo Santo is an age old Native tradition, used for it's cleansing and purifying properties. Please message me with your special intentions, hopes, or healing needs and I will craft your bundle with you especially in mind.  Your bundle will include a note listing the specific herbs and flowers in your wand, and their healing properties
Palos Santo- is burned to dispel negativity and bring in positive energy.  It also heightens creativity, and smells amazing as a natural incense. 
Amethyst- is an extremely powerful and protective stone, that enhances spiritual awareness. Mentally amethyst helps you focus, makinging it a beautiful addition to a meditation practice. 

How to burn Palo Santo
Light the tip of you palo santo stick and allow the flame to burn for a few seconds, before gently blowing it out.  Be careful of burning embers, and always burn over a fire resistant dish.  Once your palo santo is smoldering, allow the sacred smoke to waft around you and your sacred space.  It is best to leave a window or door open to allow an escape route for negative energies.
Bundles are approx. 3 in.
includes one amythest cluster approx. 2in. x 2in. 
2 palo santo sticks
Asssorted wildflowers (may vary from photo)
never burn palo santo unattended
keep away from children and pets
not meant to cure medical conditions
Handcrafted in Meridian, MS by our sister company Local Lore

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